JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area ReStore celebrates its one year anniversary.

The store located off Stonewall Street resells donated household items and appliances. The party celebrated the oceans with food, games and lots of special deals and markdowns.

Employees say the location provides people with a destination to shop for their household needs without having to travel far from the Northwest Jackson area.

“It’s so special to us because we lasted a whole year. Some people said it wouldn’t work in this particular area, but this store has been thriving every day. We have people coming in buying windows, doors, furniture, nuts, bolts, doors, handles and all of the products that they need that picks up the homes in this particular area. We find ourselves to be very useful to this community. They appreciate that they don’t have to go stand in long lines at a big store,” said Claudius Milton, an assistant manager.

The store routinely holds special sales throughout the week so customers can partake in special deals.