Health of Medicaid debated at state capitol

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The state of Mississippi’s Medicaid program was focused at the state capitol today, the issue went before the legislative black caucus.

Some legislators are satisfied while others are looking for more.

With over 670,000 Mississippians on Medicaid, the black caucus wanted to continue the conversation on Medicaid with an oversight hearing. 

Lawmakers grilled leaders at the division of Medicaid which is one of the most costly state-funded programs.

Deputy Executive Director of the Division of Medicaid Tara Clark says, “Conversation like today you know two and a half hours of standing up there and answering questions back and forth is critical to the decision-making and legislative process.”

State contracts, Medicaid cost and coverage, treatment options, estate recoveries, and the controversial push for Medicaid expansion are key issues on the minds of many.

Chair Senator Angela Turner-Ford says, “We tried to use this as an opportunity to first initially get an overview of the Medicaid program and you heard that we actually got into more specific issues and had some questions answered, and we intend to follow up with the agency to shape caucus ‘s agenda 
however, senator Norwood was not completely satisfied with answers he heard — dealing with Medicaid cutbacks.”

Senator Sollie Norwood says “There again they received the saving but there have been countless individuals that have not been able to access services so that’s not good.”

T​​​​​​​his meeting continues the conversation of Medicaid.

Democrats and some republicans candidates vying for leadership positions in the capitol are looking to expand its coverage. 

Committee Co-Chair Representative Omeria Scott says, “Accessibility to Healthcare we’re not going to stop advocating that we have a healthier population if we have more people who can have access to primary, primary healthcare, so they can get physicals and these kinds of things.”

They are hoping to again address the issue coming up in the 2020 legislative session.

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