Health officials inform Provine parents Tuberculosis case is under control

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In response to a case of tuberculosis being found in a student at Provine High School members if the Department of Health, school staff and parents came together tonight to discuss what the status of the situation.

The event was to inform people about how tuberculosis can spread and be treated.

There was a lot of concern in the crowed with parents wanting to know treatment options and if their child could be affected. Thankfully it seems they left more confident on their child’s health and safety.

It began earlier this week when parents received a letter one student in Provine had an active case of tuberculosis prompting concern to who else can catch it.

“It can be infectious. It’s important for us to identity those folks who may have TB,” Paul Byers with the Mississippi Department of Health said. “Who may put other people at risk and get them tested. Get the case treated.”

Many parents needed answers about what this sickness was.

“To get an understanding I had to google it,” Dorothy Greer told us. “I didn’t know much of it or about it. I didn’t know what the symptoms were.”

But according to health reports catching tuberculosis can only happen when someone comes in direct or extended contact over a period of time with a person who has an active case.

“People who are exposed to a case of active TB may become infected but that infection although the germ is in their body is dorm in,” Byers continued. “When we identify people in that stage that’s when we can provide medications to prevent them from ever becoming the kind of illness that makes them sick.”

Now 200 students and staff members who had a lot of contact with the infected child are being tested to keep the sickness contained.

“We’re going to do the testing on the sight for the majority of the individuals who were selected to have that testing done at the school,” Byers stated. “They’ll get a blood test done and that’s it.”

With the student now out of school completely being treated, administrators want to assure Provine parents their child will be ok.

“The active carrier has not been in school since December,” JPS Superintendent Errick Greene said. “So the school is safe, there is no ongoing risk of TB at this school.

Health officials also noted any kids who weren’t sent a letter can still be tested at a price of $25 over at the health department offices.

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