Heavy rain brings flash flooding to thousands in the metro

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Power is back on for people in downtown Jackson after Entergy crews repaired a blown transformer on Capital Street and Lamar Street. The planned power outage lasted about two hours, from 8 PM to 10 PM. 

However plenty of people are still feeling the effects of Thursday’s storms. 

Separated by a spontaneous creek, parents and students at Jim Hill High School anxiously waited for waters to recede after flash flooding surrounded the building.  

“When she sent me the video and everything, I was like oh my god, people’s car were floating and I was like, oh I’ve got to get my child, and now they won’t even let us get to them,” Parent, Gabrielle Perry explained. 

Gabrielle Perry left work to pick up her daughter at Jim Hill, but when she arrived at the school she was told they weren’t letting anyone in or out because of safety concerns.

“It’s knee high and then there might be some potholes or something under there, and you might fall and break your ankle, cause you can’t see what’s on the ground,” Perry said. 

In Presidential Hills the city brought out boats to rescue neighbors who were stuck inside their homes.

“I said well we got to go, we got to go, and then we had no way out was what it was, and then I tried to get in my van to drive out and I said we can’t drive out. So I just pulled back up in there and stayed,” Freeman Bryant described the scene at Presidential Hills. 

Presidential Hills neighbor, Freeman Bryant says this is the worst he’s ever seen it and several of his neighbors are now dealing with water damage as a result.

About 20 minutes away in Canton, homeowners were experiencing the same widespread flooding.

“I left to try to go get a tire fixed and I come back and I can’t get in my driveway. The ditch right there is about to pass come on over into the street and we need some help over there,” Mary Williams explained. 

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