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“Here we go again”, Judge Reeves wrote in striking down the ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ bill

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A federal judge has temporarily struck down the 6-week fetal heartbeat bill— preventing the law from going into effect July 1st .

Judge reeves wrote ‘here we go again’ in blocking the law that would have prevented abortions once a heartbeat is detected.

Reeves is no stranger to stopping anti- abortion laws, in the Fall he struck down a 15-week abortion ban.

“This outcome is as predictable as the day is long,” Matt Steffey a Mississippi College School of Law professor said.

In his ruling Judge Reeves said the heartbeat law “prevents a woman’s free choice, which is central to personal dignity and autonomy.”

“From the court’s perspective this is a replay of litigation and arguments in court hearings from last year on facts that are even more unconstitutional,” said Steffey.

Mississippi has joined several other states in pushing for early bans on abortion.

Derenda Hancock the Co-coordinator of the ‘Pink House’ defenders adds they see these types of bills every year

“The legislature here in Mississippi wants to and has continued to make this a challenge,” she said. 

For pro-choice advocates like Hancock the ruling by judge reeves is something they have been waiting for.

“We’re excited we’re thrilled it was expected, but we’re still very happy to see it become official,” Hancock adds.

Attorney General Jim Hood released a statement saying, “The Fifth Circuit has not squarely addressed this issue, and I intend to appeal this order which enjoined the effective date of the ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ bill.” 

Steffey maintains this law may be heading down the same path of unconstitutionally as the 15-week abortion ban. 

“Well there’s no doubt under current law that state can prevent women from terminating a pregnancy after 6 weeks for heaven sakes many women don’t know their pregnant at 6-weeks,” he said. 

Reeves will hear arguments later about whether the six-week ban is constitutional. 

Governor Phil Bryant released a statement in part saying: 

“I’m disappointed in the court’s ruling. As governor, I’ve pledged to do all I can to protect life. Time and time again the legislature and I have done just that. 

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