Highway 149 closes down cutting off western Yazoo County towns

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Communities in western Yazoo County have now found themselves more cutoff from getting past flooded areas.

Before this weekend 26 roads in Yazoo County were blocked off from flooding, but now farmers and small town’s find themselves more trapped with Highway 149 being added to the list.

Just a few miles west of the Yazoo River, nearly a quarter mile of 149 sits closed and taken over by the flooded fields.

“It was very important to everybody because now we have to go to Silver City and come back down unless you cut across on Five Mile,” Holly Bluff resident Darrell Hern said.

“With 149 closing down it disconnects Holly Bluff with Yazoo City completely,” Emergency Management Director Jack Willingham explained. “They actually have to go into Humphrey County to get back into Yazoo County to get to Yazoo City.”


A commute that can add over 45 minutes has people concerned on how to get supplies and help when needed.

“That’s one of our major arteries in and out of this area,” Jimmy Hudson of Holly Bluff told us. “Kind of limits some of our emergency services those kinds of things. So I mean that’s our concern how long is it going to take for an ambulance to get here and Highway Patrol, etc.”


Now as Emergency Management partners with authorities and Red Cross the public may have solutions.

“When people have to move out and evacuate we want to make sure that their homes are not being looted or someone not taking anything from them,” Yazoo County Sheriff Jacob Sheriff said. “So that’s our main goals.”

“They have shelters set up in Humphrey’s County and Issaquena County that are open at this time,” Willingham continued. “And we have shelters on standby in Yazoo County if it’s needed open.”

While there’s still no telling how long the roads and farm fields will stay flooded, people in the Holly Bluff area through faith and support are not giving up.

“God got them through this is 2011 and I think they know that whatever will come in god willing and they respect that,” Hern said. “They trust in the lord.”

On top of house damage the Red Cross will also offer food boxes for families cut off. For more info contact your local fire department.

This week Yazoo County schools will go into spring break, but any students unable to get to school if roads are still flooded will be excused.

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