Hinds County candidate says a county ‘supervisor’s a man’s job’

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In comments made towards Rukia Lumumba

A candidate for office in Mississippi is coming under scrutiny for comments he made about a women running for office.

Malcolm Johnson, a Democratic candidate for district 5 Hinds County Supervisor, initially avoided questions about a video telling Rukia Lumumba to “learn how to be a woman.”

Mississippi Today uncovered a video where Johnson said , Lumumba the sister of Jackson’s mayor, belongs on the school board and not on the board of supervisors for Hinds County.

In Johnson’s words he says “supervisor’s a man’s job”

In the video he said:

“The mayor sister say she wants to be a supervisor now what she needs to do is learn how to be a woman a woman needs to be a woman.”

He said the comment was pointed only towards Lumumba not women in general.

“It was not directed at women [just one particular person ]I cannot support this individually for that seat,” Johnson said.

“The rhetoric that comes out of I believe his name is Malcolm Johnson’s mouth is rhetoric that just perpetuates this idea that women are inferior to men,” said Lumumba an activist and Executive Director of the People’s Advocacy Institute

Lumumba adds that it’s ignorant to make these statements about women.

“This is just ludicrous right, every man that holds an office a woman gave birth to them so every man that holds office it was a woman that reared them , that trained them to become the leaders that they are so it’s really ridiculous.”

She believes Johnson should drop out of the race.

“Voters of Mississippi will be very clear in how they vote because, I think as voters in Mississippi as residents of Mississippi we are a lot smarter than the rhetoric he’s pushing out.”

Johnson maintains the statements were taking out of context and his opponents are trying to attack him.

“Those are my opponents that’s trying to bring slang mud and I don’t want to be a part of slanging mud sir, I want to be a part of improving the solution,” Johnson said.

Johnson is facing 5 other candidates in the district 5 race.

Former Mayor of Jackson Tony Yarber is seen in the video raising concern of the remarks made by Johnson.

He released a statement to me saying

““I’m excited about the mobilization and empowerment of women around the country to seek public office. Women, while relegated to the shadows by male supremacy, have always led this country. Any of the women seeking the honor of hinds county supervisor, in my professional opinion, would do an exceptional job if elected.”

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