JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Hinds County Public Works ground workers went on strike on Tuesday after the Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to not give them $300 raise.

Many of the workers said they are struggling to make ends meet, having to work extra jobs just to provide for their families due to the recent spikes in inflation.

According to Public Works Director Charles Sims, 2016 was the last time there was an across the board raise. Many of the public work field workers submitted temporary leave forms to their district, pausing current projects in the department.

“The frustration is brought about. We can’t get an increase in pay and couldn’t get out. Right? So, it was presented, and we was to receive $300 that was presented before the board, and they denied it. So, we hadn’t had a raise in a while, and we are here every day, working at night, working weekends, working whenever the storm we out in the storm work and taking debris, lighting and rain and everything. You know, we take all the beatings along with it. So, it’s not that we actually anything overboard which is our action for fairness.” said Willie Dotson, a Hinds County Public Works employee.

Workers said they are prepared to do whatever it takes to get what they are owed, even entertaining the idea of forming a union.

Sims said he believes this will blow over quickly even though many of his employees submitted temporary leave forms.

According to Supervisor Credell Calhoun, the board voted to give all Hinds County employees a $100 raise that will be reflected on their pay starting October 1. He added that it’s not fiscally possible to provide Public Works employees with a $300 raise.