HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has a new tool to fight crime. Officials purchased 75 body cameras for the department.

One word to describe the new cameras is “transparency.” If used correctly, the cameras will capture footage before the deputies make initial contact with suspects and will continue recording until the end of the final interaction when deputies deactivate their blue lights.

“I feel like the new body cam systems, especially since now where we’re going, it will do a lot to help save the officers themselves and the department itself. There are incidents that occur where they may say that an officer did this and that and whatever. With the body cameras, that keeps the transparency of the agency and that officer. Hopefully, better decisions are made,” said Deputy Quindar’us Randall.

In the new age of technology, cellphone video has become the primary footage the public sees during police and people interactions.

“Hypothetically, by the time I make a traffic stop, and say I’m at a gas station, I’m on the traffic stop. Usually, when citizens notice the police are there, that’s when they want to start recording. But by that time I’ve already made initial contact with the subject in the vehicles. I already made initial contact and there’s no telling what could have occurred from initial contact to the time that someone started recording a video,” said Randall. 

Prior to the new body cameras, deputies would use witness accounts and their memory to write their reports and to defund their cases in court. Now, they say they’re certain the new cameras will provide full evidence because the cameras won’t miss anything.

As of right now, Hinds County doesn’t have dash cameras, but that’s something Hinds County officials said they’re looking to invest in.