HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Two detainees escaped from the Hinds County Detention Center on Monday in the latest break out at the jail. Hinds County supervisors vowed to fix the issue once and for all.

Supervisor David Archie, District 2, said leaders need to think outside the box and not just provide extra funding for the facility as Sheriff Tyree Jones has asked for.

Archie believes extra security should be placed outside the perimeter of the detention center, and he is willing to spend the night in the jail to find the solution.

“I believe if we put armed security on the outside of that facility, armed law enforcement outside of that facility, your problem is solved overnight. I intend to help solving that problem. If I have to go down there and spend some nights myself, to see exactly what’s going on, I would do just that. If that is what it takes and that is what needed, in order for a supervisor to put his eyes on what is going on at the jail. And I will hope that the news media would join me as I spend the night or two inside of that facility to make absolutely sure that I know all the details that are going on in that particular facility,” he stated.

Jones announced one of the two detainees who escaped on Monday was captured.

The sheriff said Michael Lewis, 31, was captured Monday evening in the area of Seven Springs Road and Springridge Road in Hinds County.

Deputies are still searching for Joseph Spring, 31.