HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Hinds County Supervisors Robert Graham and David Archie said they are considering legal action against other board members in a dispute over the White Oak Creek project.

Graham, District 1, said $2,000,000 was allocated to Hinds County to fix the erosion problem in the White Oak Creek area in Northeast Jackson, but he said they did not get the votes for the project from the other board members Monday morning.

“The game’s not completely over yet. It’s just that today was a major bump backwards. This is the first time, and I’ve been here since 2008, where money was given to someone else, and it was given to you. It makes me feel funny even saying those type of word,” said Graham.

Graham and Archie, District 2, said they want to have the motion overturned and are working on possible ways to do so.

Supervisor Vern Gavin, District 4, released the following statement to WJTV 12 News.

Unfortunately, some reports that followed the Hinds County Board of Supervisors vote regarding White Oak Creek were erroneous. 

The action taken to allow the City of Jackson to lead in the desperately needed repairs to the creek was based on two issues:

         1) Saving potentially six-figures in engineering costs

          2) Starting the project as soon as possible without the unnecessary delay of conducting an engineering study when one already exists

Board minutes reflect that a motion was brought for the county to contract with an engineering firm to come up with a plan to repair the creek and prevent further erosion — an action that often costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

I was informed that the City had already paid for an engineering study, and we could potentially save a repetitious expense by allowing the City of Jackson to lead the project, bolstered by our funds. So I offered a substitute motion, which passed. 

Rather than “kill” the project, the Hinds County Board Of Supervisors paved the way for a more expedient creek repair, with more money devoted directly to the project rather than to paperwork. 

We are now standing by for a final analysis by the lawyers regarding the transfer of these funds.

I believe that once the citizens realize the truth of our action at Monday’s Meeting, rather than what they were previously told, they will be very happy about it.

The full recordings of the meetings can be found at http://www.hindscountyms.com. I encourage citizens to watch live or refer to the recordings of all Board meetings.

Supervisor Vern Gavin, District 4