JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Hinds County Board of Supervisors shot down a proposed raise for Public Works employees. The supervisors voted 3-2 to deny the raise.

Hinds County Public Works employees remain on strike due to their pay.

Hinds County Administrator Kenny Wayne Jones said if supervisors approved the requested $300 raise for the employees, those same people would have been laid off in the next six to eight months.

Workers said they’re basically begging the county for fair compensation.

“I hope you know what it’s really all about, but you know, they can afford to give us a $300 raise. They gave themselves a $6,000 raise. All right. We’re going to keep fighting. We’re going to keep fighting. We know we’re not… Hey, we’re going to keep fighting. That’s what it’s about. We’ve got to make change. We’re not going to settle for what they gone give us, but we’re going to settle for what we want that,” said Willie Dotson, a Public Works employee.

Public Works employees said the wages deter people from applying to the department.