Homeless Man Saves Dog

Local News
  According to the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, a homeless man saw a car hit a dog on State Street last Friday (11/16) afternoon.
  The driver kept going, so the homeless man scooped up the dog and carried him to the closest vet he could find.
  The vet then contacted ARF to see if they could pitch in.
  Of course, they agreed to help, but caring for the dog was not in their budget.
  Now, ARF could use some help from you.
  The dog suffered a back injury and a broken leg. He will have a long stay in the hospital.
  Donations can be made to ARF’s paypal address at arfms@comcast.net or by calling the vet directly at (601) 366-1461. 
  The dog is described as sweet and calm.
  People have started calling him Howard.

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