JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Members of a North Jackson neighborhood are pleading with city leaders to work together before their Northeast Jackson community washes away.

Homes in the Carolwood neighborhood line White Oak Creek. Urban flash floods erode the land and damage homeowners’ property.

“Been a problem for years. There was money allocated years ago to straighten that creek out, but it got sent somewhere else and it didn’t get spent. The problem’s not going away. They need to fix it. If not, they’ll be coming back and they’ll be trying to spend more money to fix a bigger problem. What they need to do is not complicated because they have the money. Spend it on what it was allocated for,” said Herbert Coleman, a homeowner in the neighborhood.

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors awarded Jackson funds to fix the decade-old problem. But homeowners say they don’t care if the money comes from Hinds County or the city. They just want the problem fixed.

“I have a little creek out back here that runs through my yard. When they built this neighborhood, somehow they ran the pipe underneath the street here. It dumps out into the creek. The water goes from a small one foot to almost three feet high. I get worried because if it gets any higher, I’m going to need a boat to get out of here,” said Cecil Wright, another homeowner.

With the creek slowly creeping out toward their homes, creating a sink hole and leaving behind debris, homeowners are fearful that in the next few years, their homes will be washed away with consistent heavy rains.

“You got property owners who value their property. They’re not asking you to take money away from somebody else. It’s like you getting a paycheck and they tell you they’re not going to pay you. Your paycheck is not coming from somebody else. They should use the money for who it’s allocated for and let that be the end of it,” said Coleman.

Homeowners are requesting the county or the city come to clean and fix the creek since the Legislature allocated the funds for the project.