JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- From an investigation to a campaign ad, Attorney General Jim Hood is going after Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

The Democratic nominee for governor is accusing Reeves of applying political pressure to build a frontage road.

The Reeves campaign is calling it ‘sleazy’.

The 30-second statewide ad comes weeks after Hood released the Frontage Road Report that accused Reeves’ office of improperly pressuring MDOT.

“As governor, the roads I build won’t be for a politician’s driveway they’ll be for you,” Hood said in the commercial.

Hood detailed what he alleges Reeves tried to do.

“This is Tate Reeves’ gated community, this a nearby shopping mall,” the narrator of the commercial is heard saying over a graphic. “And this a $2 million dollar taxpayer paved road reeves used political pressure to try to build .”

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Millsaps College, Dr. Nathan Shrader, said the Hood campaign has been methodical with this issue.

“It was the Hood campaign’s effort to try to make their candidate appear to be much closer to the regular person right and Tate Reeves portray him as kind of the political elite he’s living in a gated community and using his political influence to build this road, ” said Shrader.

Reeves has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but Hood says in the ad Reeves was caught red-handed.

“I built this road on my farm with horsepower and my sweet Tate Reeves tried to build a road with your tax dollars to his own gated community and he got caught,” said Hood.

New internal polling from Hood shows him leading the race for governor 45% percent to 42%.

The Tate Reeves for Governor campaign responded to the ad saying:

“This false ad proves Jim Hood has been abusing the power of his office for his own political gain. Hood took money that should have gone to law enforcement and used it instead to cook up this false narrative about his opponent. It’s sleazy, but that’s the way Jim Hood has always operated,” said spokesperson Parker Briden.