Hospitals back out of Medicare plans

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Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney warns some Medicare Advantage users may be impacted by a change in coverage.

Nearly 1,000 patients in south Mississippi could be affected by a move on the part of two hospitals to stop accepting the insurance option at the end of the year.

“We take it very seriously when we think a consumer being damaged in this state when it concerns insurance issues,” said Chaney.

According to the Commissioner around 850 people in pike county may be affected. Hospitals cited a change to the Medicare advantage plan and low Medicare reimbursement as a leading cause.

“You had to be in a network to get any benefits and the hospital chose not to remain in the network because they didn’t feel they were getting reimbursed enough for the services that they were rendering the Medicare patients.”

Chaney says people caring advantage plans need to start looking elsewhere.

“Look at buying another Medicare plan that’s not an advantage plan and you’ve got parts,d,e and f and now g is the new part that’s coming out so you can buy one of those parts .”

Commissioner Chaney does not regulate any part of medicare — but he recognizes ending advantage plans and hospital closures are a bad sign for healthcare in the magnolia state. 

“Hospitals that we are aware of in this state all are losing money especially the non profit hospitals and I’m very concerned about it.”

And he warns if lawmakers don’t do anything about the state of medicine in mississippi— it could go bad – fast.

“It’s not just a light at the end of the tunnel it’s a train headed towards us and we’re going to have a train wreck if we don’t fix Healthcare in this state.”

One possible solution is for patients with Advantage plans to go to in-network hospitals in the area which include; Kings Daughter Medical Center, Walthall County General Hospital, and Marion General Hospital.

For those on Medicare or just turn to Medicare age— open enrollment ends December 7th 

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