JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In recent weeks, there have been several carjackings reported in the capital city.

According to Jackson police, carjackers have come up with creative ways to steal a car, including the “bump and run.” This is when the carjacker intentionally hits the back of a vehicle. After a victim gets out to exchange insurance information, the suspects steal the victim’s car.

“Crime is everywhere. You never know what somebody got on their mind. If I could give anybody this advice, don’t ride with your car unlocked. Most of these cars nowadays when you crank them up the doors automatically lock. Be aware of your surroundings, when you are stopping at a stop sign or a red light. Look around. Don’t let your cell phone and stuff take all your attention,” said Bruce Hughes, who lives in Jackson.

Jackson Police Department (JPD) encouraged drivers to stay safe after two armed carjackings occurred Wednesday. One carjacking happened in 3200 block of Edwards Avenue, and the other happened in the 400 block of West Hill Drive.

“Basically, for the women of course, most men can handle themselves. I hope they can anyway. For women and kids, they don’t deserve anything like that. Just stay safe. Stay close to your family, stay with your family at all times and just go home,” stated Peter White, the assistant general manager at Watkins Auto Sale.

JPD has several tips you can take that to reduce the chances of being carjacked, including avoid driving alone at night and park in a well-lit area.