Hyde-Smith declines to speak with press after the debate

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After the first United State’s Senate debate in Mississippi in 10 years candidates had the opportunity to speak with the media for follow up questions. 

Democrat and former U.S. Agriculture Secretary accepted the invitation while appointed Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s camp sent Senator Roger Wicker to speak for her.  

“I think the debate speaks for itself you know Senator Hyde-Smith is headed to Brookhaven and her husband was in a prayer meeting and didn’t watch the debate and she’s going to tell her husband how she felt about the debate,” Wicker said. 

The ‘no-show’ was increasingly noticeable after a panelist at the debate asked, “If elected to the U.S. Senate how access will you be to constituents and media back home.”

Hyde-Smith says she has always been accessible throughout her public life, but did not address on stage if she would be open.

In recent weeks Governor Phil Bryant and Wicker have been some of her more vocal supporters following comments regarding “public hanging” and “making voting more difficult for some liberals.”

Espy responded to follow up questions after the debate about his bribery concerns in the Clinton administration where he was acquitted of all charges and his work for an African leader facing war crimes. 

Espy said, “This guy who I was asked to work for through my contract through the cocoa commission was just a bad guy so I could do it anymore so I wrote my client the Ivory Coast and resigned that contract. “

The response from the spokesperson from Farm Bureau Federation’s said they informed the media someone from the campaign will be able to speak not necessarily a specific candidate.  

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