JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson Animal Shelter closed its doors and the remaining animals were relocated due to a lack of running water at the facility.

The Northside Sun reported Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine retired professor Dr. Phil Bushby and animal welfare non-profit Best Friends completed a detailed report of the shelter’s problems. They noted the following concerns:

  • Failure to identify each animal at the shelter
  • Failure to vaccinate animals
  • Hosing out runs with the animals in the runs
  • Standing water in runs with dogs
  • Porous surfaces not able to be properly cleaned
  • Food and water bowls that cannot be properly cleaned
  • Failure to use outdoor exercise pens
  • No ability to isolate sick animals

According to the newspaper, there was also a water leak that led to foundation problems for the shelter. As a result, animals were kept in areas with standing water.

Best Friends Senior Strategist Lisa Barrett said the non-profit offered free help to the shelter, including a director, manager and kennel staff. She added that free computers and software were offered to assist the shelter with a lack of record-keeping.

Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter volunteer Linda Templeton said she does not expect the city to respond to the offer since the contract was first sent in July 2021.