JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A lawsuit between the City of Jackson and Zurich American Insurance Co. still awaits a settlement after the insurance company allegedly failed to cover city-owned buildings damaged by a 2013 hailstorm.

The Northside Sun reported the city filed a complaint on November 8, 2019, against Zurich seeking a jury trial. The city had filed a claim on or about April 15, 2013, with Zurich for insured properties damaged by the hailstorm.

The complaint stated the city selected 12 locations for roof repairs that would cost less than $50,000 each on or about May 5, 2015. It states the failure of Zurich to pay the claim has inhibited the city’s ability to make repairs.

Louis P. Wright, Chief Administrative Officer for the city, says it is unclear when the settlement will take place.