JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson City Council President Ashby Foote, Ward 1, said the right decision was made by a judge, but he said this legal battle likely isn’t over just yet.

On July 8, Judge Larry Robertson ruled in favor of the city council that Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba could not veto a no vote, but Councilman Foote said he’s anticipating an appeal from Mayor Lumumba’s legal team soon which could take this lawsuit to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Foote said this legal battle has already been too long and too costly, so he’s ready to move past the garbage dispute and focus on bigger issues plaguing the capital city.

“I was pleased with the judge’s decision. I thought it was fair. We need to move forward. We spent way too much time on the garbage contract, and we need to move forward to city and city government dealing with the water treatment plant and the clean drinking water. That’s really a bigger problem than the garbage situation. I’m anxious to get to work on that and then we need to also focus on the crime situation, getting a holding facility set up. That’s a high priority for me,” said Foote.

Foote said the ball is in the mayor’s court right now. He also hopes the mayor will perform another RFP process to award the city’s garbage collection contract to a new company, but right now it’s unclear what the ruling means for garbage pickup moving forward.