JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson has been cracking down on out of code buildings.

With the Regency Hotel recently being condemned after a gas leak and unsanitary conditions were found, many have been wondering who may be next.

WJTV 12 News was contacted by a Jackson resident who claims to have experienced dangerous and unsanitary living conditions at another Jackson hotel.

Launched on October 1, the Code Enforcement Division looks to keep Jackson buildings safe and habitable by applying international sewage, fire, and gas codes. The Regency Hotel was condemned on Friday.

“We realized that not only were there contamination issues, there was just general code violation issues,” said City of Jackson Interim Director of Planning and Development Chloe Dotson.

Those violations include, but are not limited to, mold contamination of the building, a natural gas leak, a collapsed roof and a complete violation of the international fire code.

One Jackson resident said she has experienced similar issues at the Siegel Suites in Jackson.

Cynthia Orr said she experienced dangerous and unsanitary conditions in two rooms. The first issue came in the form of her ceiling collapsing. Management moved Orr to a different room, where she experienced even more issues.

“Through the wall, it was just seeping water, and it smelt horrible,” said Orr. “For three days straight, I kept complaining about it, and they finally had a sewage company come in and clear it out. Being in this room, living in these conditions, having to walk through feces in my carpet everyday at this hotel, not being able to shower for almost a whole week. I got sick, really, really sick,” she stated.

According to Orr, management declined to move here to a different room, and she was forced to leaved the hotel. Siegel Suites management did not provide a comment on these allegations.

Orr said she has reached out to the Code Enforcement Division and is pursuing legal action. For the division, they believed that enforcing building codes could bring about a better capital city.

Anyone can report a building code violation on the City of Jackson’s website at jacksonms.viewpointcloud.com.