JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Tuesday’s Jackson City Council meeting was full of debate about the future of the Metrocenter Mall.

City councilmembers voted to terminate the lease agreement with Retro Metro.

Community members agree the mall is not what it once was. There are potholes outside of the mall, damage and debris at the location, and overgrown lots. There were also reported of pests, pumping issues, sewage issues and mold.

City employees at the mall voiced their frustrations to city councilmembers. They described their work conditions as inhumane.

Some workers said they’ve experienced illnesses due to mold and lack of ventilation in the building.

“We have employees that are getting sick, and we, and the thing about it is we know why they’re getting sick. Their doctors have told them what they’re getting sick, and we’re still forced to work out there. Last summer, we went the whole summer with no air conditioning. None. No air conditioning, none. Okay? This summer, the air just started working two weeks ago,” said Toya Martin, director of Human Resources.

Retro Metro owners, Leroy Walker and Socrates Garrett, along with Howard Catchings, said they’ve contributed more than $2 million to rehabilitate the mall.

Councilman Vernon Hartley, Ward 5, said he’s disappointed to see the lack of attention and maintenance in his ward.

The owners said if they cannot get money to assist with the issues, they may have to cease operation at the Metrocenter Mall.

Retro Metro’s attorney, Malcolm Harrison, said a hearing will be held on August 9, 2023.