JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – An attempted armed carjacking happened in the Belhaven neighborhood in Jackson Halloween night, and police are working to find the suspects who were responsible.

The incident happened on Belmont Street and St. Ann Street after 7:00 p.m. The Allen family was wrapping up a night of trick-or-treating when three suspects came from behind and held them at gunpoint.

Their grandfather, Ben Allen, said he’s still processing what happened.

“Megan got Hartley in her arm. Matt’s got Thatcher in his arm, and they come down to put him in the car. Megan’s putting Hartley in the back seat. Hartley is a six-year-old, and Matt is unlocking the door to put Thatcher in his car seat. And suddenly, three apparent teenagers surround them with guns dropping the f-bomb,” said Allen.

He said one of the suspects put a gun to the baby, threatening to kill him if they didn’t hand over the keys. After a moment, the suspects looked in the car for the keys and that’s when Allen took off running to a nearby neighbor’s home.

“What kind of person that breathes air, you know. Mayor Lumumba talks about the root causes of crime. What’s the root cause of an 18-yeare-old putting a pistol in a four-year-old’s face? What’s the root cause of that?” Allen questioned.

City Council President Virgi Lindsay (Ward 7) said she’s angry Jackson has been flooded with crime and this just goes too far.

“It’s just all too much, and it’s escalating. It feels so real for me right now today. This is just, it’s just unbelievable that we had children with guns. I mean, babies with guns in their faces last night while doing something so innocent and so just wholesome as trick-or-treating with their friends and family,” said Lindsay.

The councilwoman said at this point, she is pleading for every possible solution to stop the crime and get it under control.

According to Jackson police, this attack is the 83rd carjacking in the city for 2021. They said if you have to be out at night, you should be aware of your surroundings, and you should not go out alone.