JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – WJTV 12 News has been following the City of Jackson’s push to stop illegal dumping by focusing on a portion of northwest Jackson, Hilda Drive.

“So, I don’t know if it’s a lack of education or if they don’t know, or if it’s just blatant disrespect for our city.  But this is where we live,” said Councilwoman Angelique Lee, Ward 2.

There are no houses or businesses on Hilda Drive, and people use it to dump household items, tires, animal carcasses, construction debris, and more.

“So, there is nobody here to see what they are doing. There are no cameras out here, no lighting in this area, so unfortunately, this is one of our most attractive areas for dumping in the city of Jackson,” stated Lakesha Weathers, City of Jackson Solid Waste Manager.

City leaders said that is going to change. The “Stop Trashing Jackson” city-wide campaign has begun.

“We need this street blocked off. We are also working with the Hinds County Economic Development Authority to try and get some lights out here as well as cameras,” said Lee.

Much of the work revolves around changing the culture of the people who do everything from throwing their trash out the car window to dumping just about everything else anywhere they can.

“I see mattresses here on the side of the curb. On your second collection day, you can put mattresses out to your curb with your regular household garbage to be picked up. I see limb piles. This is just regular trash that you can put out to the curb for collection,” said Weathers.

With so many resources to deal with trash and debris, both Weathers and Lee agree that educating the public and cracking down with hefty fines is necessary to clean up the city and keep it that way.