JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba held a town hall on Thursday, April 14 to explain how Richard’s Disposal is the best option for the city and why the dispute has been taken to court.

Lumumba stressed that his decision to employ Richard’s Disposal in Jackson is to decrease the financial strain on the citizens of Jackson.

“So I selected the fourth option that was the lowest cost, $12 million lower, with a bin and that was Richard’s Disposal,” he said.

According to city leaders, the EPA is requiring a rise in the cost of water and sewer in Jackson,
however, the city attorney explains how the mayor’s administration sought the lowest possible increase.

“With Richard’s contract, our estimate is 64 cents more, so with Richard’s contract it will be $35.64,” the attorney said.

Representatives of Richard Disposal stood with the mayor to explain how some households missed garbage day.

“When you’re in a contentious battle when one company is going out, they haven’t been willing to hand over the city’s routes,” said Lumumba.

“We’re holding hands everyday, every night, every weekend to understand your needs and your concerns. We’re going to get your garbage up, and we appreciate your continued patience,” said a Richard’s Disposal marketing representative.

On Thurday, city councilmembers filed a counter claim against Lumumba for declaratory, equitable, and injunctive relief.