JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With violent crimes a major issue in Jackson, Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba discussed the issue during his weekly news conference on Monday.

The mayor expressed his disdain for violent crimes committed against women and children. He said even though domestic and interpersonal violence issues are not new in the city, that does not mean people should turn a blind eye.

“I will continue to lift up the issue of bipartisan gun legislation, and I don’t think that we have to have a reductive analysis. You can be a person who believes in people’s right to bear arms and actually has no problem with ownership, the lawful ownership of a gun, as I do. And at the same time, have common sense regulation that ensures that they don’t get in the hands of those people with good with limited judgment, limited judgment, that can cause harm to individuals,” said Lumumba.

The mayor said the city has to make certain that finding crime fighting solutions is more than just an academic discussion by putting boots on the ground.

Lumumba said the city is working to create resources, as well as engage youth to deter crime.