JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In the midst of the garbage collection contract fight in Jackson, one neighborhood still hasn’t had a trash day since the expiration of the contract with Waste Management.

The people living in the Broadmoor community said Thursday, March 31 was the last time their garbage was collected.

According to community members, their usual days for pickup are Monday and Thursday. Some people said they have been picking up the trash themselves and hope to see the issue resolved soon.

“They said they aren’t going to pick up the trash because they’re not getting the right money, so they have to give them the money so they can get this trash because it stinks,” said Seneca Galloway.

“It’s safety concerns because it’s trash. Kids out here playing, and we got trash everywhere. It’s really ridiculous. I’ve been here since I was a baby. This is where I was born, and it’s kind of sad because we’re tax paying citizens, and we can’t get our garbage picked up,” said Johnathan Johnson.

The people in the Broadmoor community said they don’t care which company picks up the garbage. They just want to see the job done before matters get worse.