JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Richard’s Disposal will no longer collect trash around the City of Jackson.

Leaders with the city announced on Thursday that after six months with no compensation, the last day for trash pickup from Richard’s Disposal would be on Saturday, October 8.

This comes on the heels of the city’s water crisis. Many neighbors said they are frustrated about the garbage dispute.

According to a statement the city sent to WJTV 12 News, the pause in garbage collection affects approximately 150,000 residents and many municipal buildings throughout the city.

“I’m incredulous. Yet, it doesn’t surprise me with the way things are going with the city these days. They’re not exactly on a roll,” said Dan Blumenthal, who lives in Jackson. “These are things that other cities do and other municipalities every day, and there’s no reason why Jackson can’t can’t get it together.”

“Why do we have to take our garbage and drop it off somewhere when all this could have been solved in the beginning and whenever they need to be done?” questioned Rose Barnes-Bay, who also lives in Jackson. “I mean, nobody want trash building around their house, and ain’t nobody going to be going way out there to 80 drop it off.”

Household hazardous waste can be dropped off at 1570 University Boulevard at the corner of Highway 80 west.