JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson City Councilman said the city needs to look into complaints from one community over water bills that some said are spiking, despite the installation of new water meters.

Neighbors who live in the 3800 block of Camilla Drive are complaining over what they said is a jump in their water bill.

As water meters are being installed, neighbors said old meters are being left behind. Some neighbors believe the old water meters are causing the discrepancy in their water bills. Some neighbors have noticed as much as a $700 spike.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes said the city needs to make the issue a priority.

“We have an eyewitness who asked when they were changing some of these meters, ‘Why are you not changing all the meters on my street?’ The problem we run into is they’re supposed to change out all the meters, not just some of the meters,” said Stokes.

“One of my houses got the new meter. The one next to it, I asked him why he’s not changing that one out. How is the Seimens meter going to stay in? I said I’m going to get a right reading on the meter. He said he’s out of Atlanta and doesn’t have anything to do with it,” said homeowner and Pastor P.J. Williams.

Some elderly neighbors on a fixed income said it’s getting to a point where they aren’t able to pay their bills.