JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Wednesday marked day four of no water for residents on Maple Street in Jackson after a water main break this weekend. Multiple areas in the city have been affected by water main issues this week.

On Wednesday, Hinds County Supervisor David Archie delivered water to residents on Maple Street. He said the conditions he witnessed on the road should be considered an emergency.

“We got to start fixing problems when they occur, and right away. This is… this is an emergency. Can’t you see the water flow? The road is caving in, right? It’s going to be a bigger problem. I’m calling on the city. If this city needs the county’s help, we would call on the county as well,” said Archie.

One main claimed he had reached out to the city for years about the water main leak near his home on Shellrock Road. He said the collecting water has cost him thousands of dollars in home repairs.

“I’m just saying that I hope they follow up on their work, you know,” said Benjamin Ransom, who lives on Shellrock Road.

Some of the residents who are affected by the leaks said if the problems were to happen in the more affluent areas of Jackson, the city would have fixed the problem immediately.