JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s been several weeks since officials issued a precautionary boil water notice throughout the City of Jackson.

Many neighbors are frustrated about the ongoing water issue. The public is demanding answers from officials concerning water safety and water bills.

How much longer is the question that a lot of people have.

“When I get out the shower, you know, I’m scratching. I don’t know if the water got me doing that or what. When I I take a shower, it seems like I’m itching or something,” said Johnny Spann, a Jackson neighbor.

“This has been going on for 20 years now. Something needs to be changed about the water. Why are we steady having problems with the water? They got taxes for the money and everything. What is going on with the money? I know I hear all of them saying something, everybody talking. The mayor and Kenny Stokes. I don’t hear any solution on what we’re going to do. Then, two weeks ago we just had the problem with water. Now, we got the water again. I’m up here collecting water, buying water and then paying a water bill. That’s three times of paying water bills. I’m too old for that, to be running around chasing water,” said Shirley Marshall, a Jackson neighbor.

Despite frustrations, Jackson neighbors should continue to follow the recommended precautions issued by the health department. Until further notice, boil your water or use bottled water.