JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Leaders with the City of Jackson said the city will pursue legal action, if necessary, to ensure garbage disposal “transfer” sites remain operational.

According to officials, the transfer facility, which is owned and operated by Waste Management, has been closed for hours without notice. They said the closure has prevented Richard’s Disposal from performing garbage collection duties and picking up trash in some neighborhoods.

It is not a reflection on Richard’s ability to perform their duties, but when the transfer facility closes down hours before expected, it makes it impossible for Richard’s to complete its work and leaves residents with uncollected garbage – a potential health risk. 

The City has a separate agreement for disposal of garbage through the transfer station and is working behind the scenes to make sure Waste Management abides by its responsibilities outlined in that agreement. If it is intentionally causing delays in the garbage collection process, this is not only bad business, it is also a potential breach of contract and could lead to serious and costly environmental consequences.

City of Jackson

Officials with the city also said neighbors should keep any uncollected garbage on the curb for pick-up. They said the garbage will be collected. Neighbors who would like to report no pick-up can contact the City of Jackson’s Solid Waste Department at 601-960-1193.

Waste Management released the following response:

The WM transfer station is happy to receive truck loads from Richard’s Disposal within the normal operating hours of the facility and have throughout this process. The WM Transfer Station’s hours of operation on Saturdays are 6am-4pm. On Saturday, April 2, 2022, Richard’s Disposal dumped 11 trucks worth of refuse between the hours of 12-4pm, with the last truck to arrive that day completing its dump at 3:26pm. No trucks were turned away during normal operational times. As always, WM is proud to serve the people of the City of Jackson with timely, safe and professional waste services.

Waste Management