JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson police are looking for answers after an elderly man was found stabbed to death at his home.

Police said Herbert McCombs, 73, was found dead under his garage on Raymond Road on May 26. Neighbors said they were shocked because they had a close bond with McCombs.

“We ate at each other’s house before. These neighbors are like family to me,” said Joseph Curry. “So, I wouldn’t really know how to feel. That’s hard. That’s hard to take. I know because I watched my mama cry over it. My mama and him were really good friends.”

Jackson police are looking for viable leads in the case. Curry said he is concerned about the changing conditions of the neighborhood.

“Jackson turned into a whole ‘nother type of place. It’s a whole war zone out here for real, for real. I wouldn’t even want my mama staying on these streets,” he said.

Curry also said the city needs more people like McCombs who are friendly, generous and willing to help others.

“Ain’t too many OG’s showing the young folks the right thing to do. So, the young folks really taking it into they own hands and doing want they want to do, said Curry.

Jackson police believe McCombs’ death was the result of a robbery. If anyone has information about the homicide, contact Jackson police or Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS(8477).