JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson residents are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to trash removal.

John Knight and his team gathered early Wednesday morning in the Washington Addition to help pick up trash.

Some senior citizens have mobility issues and lack of transportation. Knight said he doesn’t want people turning to illegal dumping as an alternative.

“When you find a collective group of men or women or people period that care and don’t mind spending their hard-earned dollars to do something, our tax dollars are supposed to be paying for the light. You know, this city can be turned around, and it’s still a lot of people here. Bad seeds are everywhere in the United States of America, not just here in Jackson. But we got to focus on Jackson before we venture out to try to fix other people things. We have to fix our house first,” said Knight.

City Council President Ashby Foote, Ward 1, said the city is limited on solutions, but he hopes to provide some relief to citizens.

“I’ve reached out to the Solid Waste Division to try to get some additional dumpsters in locations, convenient locations across Ward 1. Didn’t have them gotten any specific responses, but I’m going to reach out to the County Board of Supervisors as well,” he stated.

Leaders hope illegal dumping and burning trash does not become an issue.

“I don’t anticipate any fine. The only way a fine could be involved right now is for open dumping, so folks need to be careful that they don’t go out and dump their waste on properties,” said Councilman Vernon Hartley, Ward 5.

Any person found guilty of illegal dumping could be charged up to $25,000, according to officials.