Jackson Restaurants hold gift card drive for Furloughed Workers

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Jackson Foodies is a Facebook group to support local businesses and provide exposure to those restaurants. 

Jackson Foodies has over 17 thousand followers.

They are hosting a gift card drive for furloughed federal workers.

They are asking for people to donate gift cards so people can feed their families and buy essentials. 

You can drop drop off the gift cards off at Bravo and Sal & Mookies during business hours before Friday. 

Bravo hours are 10am – 11pm and the location is 4500 I-55 N, Highland Village, Suite 244, Jackson, MS 39211. 

Sal & Mookies business are 11am – 9pm  and the location is 565 Taylor St, Jackson, MS 39216.

If you know a federal worker in the Jackson area who could benefit from these cards, please email: jacksonfoodies@gmail.com or 601-988-7297

It’s now been 30 days since federal workers were sent home following the government shutdown, and while debates continue in Washington, restaurants in Jackson have partnered with the Jackson Foodies to donate gift cards to furloughed workers.

Between now and January 25th Bravo, Broad Street Bakery, plus Sal and Mookies will be accepting grocery, gas, and other retail gift cards which will be given to local furloughed workers.

Card amounts can range anywhere from $10 and up. The goal is to give federal employees around Jackson more support as they await the day to go back to work.

“Were asking people to give gift cards because that will help towards gas, food, go to Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Kroger,” Asst. Manager Brandy Fields  said. “Just to help them get their essential gas, groceries and stuff like that. We’re doing it till Fri. January 25th. During regular business hours, just come in and drop off the gift card it would be greatly appreciated.”

If you come by to donate a gift card on a day one of the restaurants is closed, you can still leave it at one of the other three locations.

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