JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson restaurant owners said they’ve taken a major hit due to the city’s ongoing water crisis.

They said the citywide boil water notice is costing them hundreds of dollars each day. They are having to buy ice, canned drinks and gallons of water for their customers and employees.

The owners said they’re fed up with having to spend so much each day every time there is a boil water notice.

Some owners said they’re considering moving to a different county to avoid the water issues.

“As we speak right now, Clark Beverage is dropping off an order for $725. Canned Sprites, Cokes, Diet Cokes, that’s not including water. That’s not including ice, extra trash pickups that we have to incur each and every day. Who pays for that? We do. It doesn’t come from the city. It doesn’t get reimbursed by public works,” said Andy Nesenson with Iron Horse Grill.

“Many of us have hard decision to make because the reality is, we’re not just signing another five-year lease. We’re signing another five years of water crises. We’re signing another five years of inoperable businesses due to basic services that we should be receiving. It would be a shame to see any of us close and move, but the economics of it can be very appealing,” said Steven O’Neill with The Manship and Aplos.

The Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association wrote a letter to the city, the Hinds County Board of Supervisors and state representatives detailing how the boil water notices have hurt Jackson businesses.

The letter was signed by the owners of 46 Jackson restaurants. They hope leaders can come together to find a resolution to the water crisis.