JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson State University (JSU) College of Business will offer a new supply chain management program in the 2022 Fall semester.

JSU leaders said they global supply chain has been a major topic of discussion since the beginning of the pandemic. Business Dean Fidelis Ikem, Ph.D., said the new undergraduate program aligns with the strategic plan to elevate the institution’s academic prominence through degree offerings that will meet today’s workforce needs.

Through the JSU supply chain management program, students will learn how the core studies that are normal parts of the business program intersect with the myriad of opportunities and experiences offered in the supply chain profession. They will also learn to understand the underpinnings of the global supply chain and how the linkage of multiple supply chain functions leads to the delivery of goods and services from around the world. 

The College of Business plans to provide internship opportunities and, through the right corporate partnerships, give students real time exposure to the inner workings of the many aspects of supply chain management. 

Ikem said he foresees the supply chain management program will be offered as a graduate program in the near future.