JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There’s a new sports complex in the works for the youth of the Jackson community.

The old warehouse off of Raymond Road has had many titles. In fact, it was originally the very first Sam’s Club in the city and later became a furniture store. Now, it’s the Jackson Multi-Sports Complex on behalf of the Development Academy and New Horizon Ministries.

State Representative Ronnie Crudup Jr. has big plans for the facility.

“We’re going to do sort of a multi sport complex but also with different other activities. So, we’re starting off with basketball, rock climbing boxing and tennis and things like that are going in, but we hope to try to have more opportunities here for kids and the youth to be able to express their arts but also what their activities can be,” said Crudup.

Crudup said there’s a lack of opportunities for the youth in Jackson. His mission is to eliminate that and create space for kids to play and have fun.

“There is a lot of negativity some times that’s going on with out youth in the city of Jackson. There’s not a lot of opportunities and so we built this place to be able to hold more youth. We did midnight basketball, Friday night basketball all throughout the summer, and we quickly saw that the space wasn’t big enough or large enough, and so, we built another second court in a larger facility that can hold more teenagers more youth, and also we can do more things not only just basketball but other activities and arts. We’ll be doing it for opportunities for kids to be able to come and play and have fun you know open gym runs. But also, we plan on hosting tournaments here and doing other things just making it very usual for the community,” Crudup.

TDA and New Horizon began the project back in April and hope to have it open for play by the end of the month. Renovations have taken place from the inside out and anyone looking to help make this as safe space for kids of the community are more than welcome to be a part of the project.