Jackson woman frustrated with road conditions in neighborhood

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson woman is speaking out about road conditions across the city, especially in her South Jackson neighborhood. Stephanie Walker said she’s tired of driving down streets that need repairs, and she wants something to be done now.

“Is you letting your streets be raggedy and tore up? Because if you is, that’s pathetic,” she said.

Walker has been living in South Jackson for 13 years, and she said the roads are always a problem.

“It’s been since 2008. We’ve got a dead end that way. A sign needs to go back up, and we’ve got potholes this way, potholes that way. We’re in a good quiet neighborhood. We just don’t have a chance to come and help us,” said Walker.

She spoke to the Jackson City Council about the road conditions throughout the city.

“Jackson, Mississippi, needs a facelift, and you see poverty everyday that’s why people acting the way they do. Killing people like it’s not anything, garbage everywhere.”

Waste Management employees said they struggle to get around.

“It’s really bad. I don’t see how people can come out their driveway and have these potholes right there. It’s ridiculous. It has my truck shaking. My camera goes off all the time. It’s been like that for years,” said one employee.

Councilman Aaron Banks said he understands the frustrations of homeowners, and it’s time to stop patching up the problems.

“We’ve been doing patch work for years, but it’s time to resurface these streets and improve the quality of life for the people who have to go down those roads everyday,” said Banks.

Walker said she’s ready to see action and care across the city.

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