JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People in Jackson said having to deal with mounting trash for the last two weeks is like “living in a third world country.” Some aaccusined city officials of neglecting Jacksonians.

Two weeks without garbage pickup has taken a toll on Jacksonians. The sight and smell of piles of trash lining the streets has become an unwelcomed burden.

“It’s very frustrating for residents to have to deal with trash being piled on the highway in front of their yards. People are dumping trash in parking lots of businesses, dumping trash in dumpsters that are overflowing. That is a very bad sanitation problem,” said Darryl Adams, who lives in Jackson.

Many people struggled to get their trash to the drop-off sites.

“Me being paralyzed, it’s pretty bad because I have no way of getting the garbage out of my yard,” said Darryl Norwood, who lives in Jackson.

While the city is providing various trash drop-off areas, local business owners said mounting trash and the foul stench is bad for business.

“You get this stuff all day long, all afternoon long. I come in here first thing in the morning, and it’s piled up absolutely everywhere,” said Dylan Broome, co-owner of LD’s Beer Run.

Broome said their parking lot is being taken over by trash.

“It’s atrocious. I can’t imagine running a restaurant over here and having to even consider this as part of my business model. This is unacceptable.”

While a one-year contract with Richard’s Disposal is expected to be signed on Tuesday, Jacksonians said the damage has been done and they’re ready to vote city leaders out.

“Everybody who is in any position should be fired. Bring in a whole new crew,” said Norwood.

“For all these officials who have been there for all this time, you need to consider another endeavor, because the citizens of Jackson will not stand for type of behavior,” said Adams.

While the stench of the garbage may soon pass, Jacksonians said their frustration over the issue has been overflowing just like their trash.