JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People in Jackson say they’re disappointed and angered by the actions of the officers charged in the death of Tyre Nichols.

People and city leaders say they were heartbroken to see the body camera footage of 29-year-old Nichols being pulled from his car and beaten.

Some say they’re disappointed that police would act in such a violent manner. They believe law enforcement agencies should implement stricter hiring and officer training policies.

“Not again. It seems to be an American tradition, something that has happened over and over for not only years, for not only decades, but for centuries, where you have people in authority abusing Black bodies,” said Leron McAdoo.

“There should be more oversight. I think there should be a community oversight board. That’s for Jackson, for all the cities, for all states. But there should be a community response that can monitor the police problems and issues that they have,” said Nick Collins.

“This young man to have lost his life at the hands of those who are called to protect and failed in doing so. It’s just a travesty,” said Reginald Warnsley.

“You cannot go beyond the call of duty. You are not above the law. To just take a person’s life because you think you have the authority is absolutely wrong,” said Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

A community meeting will be held Tuesday night with Mississippi Capitol Police to discuss policing efforts. That meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. at New Hope Baptist Church.