JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After recent carjackings and vehicle break-ins in the City of Jackson, neighbors said they want reliable security in their neighborhoods.

On Tuesday, a University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) was assaulted and carjacked in the Stadium Parking Lot B after leaving work. An arrest was made in the case.

In late October, many vehicles were broken into during Jackson State’s game against Southern University. The break-ins happened to cars parked by Ida B. Wells Elementary School.

Donna Cartwell, who lives in Jackson, said more reliable security should be in place, including more working security cameras.

“I know at UMMC sometimes you don’t have no other choice but to park at the stadium, so I believe maybe setting a police officer patrolling, not just the garages, but those areas especially is something the facility should consider,” said Cartwell.

After the carjacking this week, UMMC police said there will be an increased police presence in the Stadium parking lots. Additional measures to increase safety around the Stadium include:

  • Increasing lighting and camera placements
  • Adding more shuttle and cart availability from University Hospital to vehicle parking locations

Cartwell also believes that the city should use funds to implement higher quality security

“I just believe if burglars notice security, whether that be a camera or even just multiple patrol on duty, they wouldn’t even bother,” she said. “This is something that needs to be fixed.”

Last month, the Jackson City Council approved pay raises for the Jackson Police Department (JPD) in order to be competitive in the metro-area.

“We’ve got to be competitive in the marketplace out here in the metro area. This will get us closer to being competitive, so that our police get a fair pay relative to the policemen in the surrounding communities,” said City Council President Ashby Foote, Ward 1, after the pay raises were approved.

The approved 2022-2023 budget will allow new recruits, with one year of experience, to have an annual salary of $45,000.