JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Jody Owens, the incoming Hinds County District Attorney, is facing some serious allegations.

Owens is accused of sexual harassment in a detailed report published on the website, the-appeal-dot-org. 

According to the report, multiple women who worked with Owens when he held an office at the southern poverty law center in Jackson, say he sexually harassed them. owens is accused of commenting on women’s appearances, making unwanted advances and inappropriate touching. 

Owens, in a statement, denied the allegations:

“I disagree with the content of the article. Since we qualified to run for office. we have faced countless attacks on my character. Over the last decade, I have managed approximately 100 employees and we have strived as an office to foster an environment that was safe and free of harassment of any form. I do not condone nor participate in any inappropriate behavior with any employee.”

Jody Owens