JSU professor discusses getting inside the mind of criminals

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Statistics show recent crimes are happening more among the younger generation.

To get inside the mind of a criminal, criminologists look at multiple reasons why individuals are deviant. Jackson State University (JSU) Professor Kevin Lavine said not every person who commits a crime is the same.

“There are multiple factors, sociological, physiological, biological, biophysical. It’s a merit of reasons why we can generally explain someone’s deviant behavior,” he explained.

In his research, Lavine starts by looking at the individuals home-life to understand where the behavioral patterns came from.

“In a lot of these cases, the parent, the biological parent is absent; be it the father or mother or both the father and mother. So, then we have to go back and look at well, what’s the reason the biological parents are absent? And in a lot cases, you’ll find incarceration in one or two parents,” Lavine stated.

He said it’s important to get to the root cause, so you can break the cycle and get the individuals the help they need. Once they’re out of prison, they don’t fall back into the same habits.

Lavine said in a lot of cases, it’s a cry for attention, and alternative treatment can be the better option than incarceration.

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