CLAIBORNE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Pretrial motions were heard in the case of T’Kia and Morris Bevily on Monday, April 4 in Claiborne County.

Judge Tomika Irving granted a motion for a juror questionnaire, which would determine how much someone knows about the case.

The Claiborne County woman is accused of killing her stepdaughter back in October 2017. Investigators said the cause of death to then 14-month-old Jurayah Smith was blunt force trauma to the head.

The judge has denied jury sequestration, which is the isolation of a jury to avoid accidental or deliberate tainting of the jury by exposing them to outside influence or information.

T’Kia Bevily

In February 2021, T’Kia Bevily was sentenced to life without parole, days after a jury convicted her of capital murder for the death of Smith. However, she was granted a new trial in September 2021 because one of the jurors failed to disclose he is related to the child’s mother.