JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Families in Jackson got the chance to learn about reptiles, amphibians and other exotic animals at the “Show Me the Reptiles” show.

The expo, which was held at Wahabi Shriners, featured dozens of different types of snakes, rodents, lizards and rescue turtles.

Kids had the opportunity to hold the animals as they learned about the species. Many of the reptiles and amphibians were adopted during the expo.

Vendors say the show is a chance to educate and ease fears.

“The kids are getting ecstatic about these animals. They’re able to see it. The parents are able to see the kids get excited. It takes away their natural born fear of, ‘Hey, I can get up close and personal with these animals and not have to be afraid of them.’ Also, they learn the differences between, these are captive snakes versus the ones in the wild. Don’t go out in your backyard and touch a snake, but the ones here are okay. They’re used to being handled. They’re in cages. They’re bred specifically as pets,” said Jeremy Humphrey, owner of Ace’s Reptile Emporium.

If you missed the event, the next Jackson Reptile Expo is scheduled for June 10.