KOSCIUSKO, Miss. (WJTV) – A Kosciusko police officer has been suspended for a policy violation.

On Friday, May 13, police said they received a complaint about loud music at Jason Niles Neighborhood Park around 9:00 p.m. When officers arrived, they said they did not hear any music.

The officers stayed at the scene with their lights and body cameras off, listening to the teens.

“Any time you have any interaction with the public, you are to turn that body cam on. You are to be respectful. You are not to cuss,” said Kosciusko Mayor Tim Kyle.

According to police, a comment that one of the teens made caused Officer Braxton Goza to lose his temper and yell at them. He then pointed the red dot from his taser gun at them.

“We were scared. We didn’t know what to do. The first thing we did was call our parents,” said one of the teens.

“It would have really made me mad if somebody had done that to my child, too. Here in Kosciusko, we support our officers 100% if they’re right. But if they do wrong, they do wrong. This time we did wrong,” said Kyle.

Goza was suspended without pay for three days, according to Police Chief Christopher Wray. However, parents said his punishment was not harsh enough.

“You’d rather have help and not care about how an officer treats these children. My son has a defibrillator. If your hand had accidentally slipped and hit my child, he wouldn’t have been here,” said the mother of one of the teens, Talisha Sandifer. “We have to think about the things that could have happened.”

“Officer Braxton should be terminated. What he did to our kids was uncalled for,” said another mother, Constance Wade. “We also do not want to be retaliated against as citizens, and we do not want our children to be retaliated against because we decided to take a stand for their rights.”

Wray did not address the parents during the board meeting, but the mayor apologized. He also said Goza used poor judgment.

The Board of Aldermen will meet again within the next week to decide if further disciplinary action will be taken.

The park was still open to the public when the incident occurred.