Lawmakers consider legislation legalizing medical marijuana

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State Representative Omeria Scott held a public hearing to discuss the benefits of legalizing the medicinal drug. 

Thirty-one states, along with Washington D.C., have legal options for medical marijuana. 

Mississippi is not one those states. However, Representatives Scott and other lawmakers are showing their support for alternative treatment for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

Members of the national conference of state legislatures, members of collegiate communities, medical doctors and members of the broader community discussed where Mississippi stands in relation to a medical marijuana option. 
Legislation in the past has not gotten very far in the legislative process.

Representatives Scott says she wants to dispel the notion medical marijuana will be a treatment in itself. The hope is regulated marijuana paired with ongoing traditional treatment will give Mississippians suffering severe illnesses a more comfortable life. 

“Medical marijuana is something that will help in as another step in that treatment it is not that treats the people by itself it is always in conjunction with other medicines “

She added, it’s her goal to hold more public hearings on this topic and will convene another hearing before she introduces a medical marijuana bill. 

Mississippi’s Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher already voiced his opposition to medical marijuana, he says he believes it will lead down a slippery slope.

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