Lawmakers hope to change Mississippi’s testing standards

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Frustration among some teachers, principals, and school administrators was on display at a hearing regarding state standardized test.

The question on the table is whether the four required test for graduation in Mississippi is right for education or simply a burden.

One Jackson Public School teacher expressed her displeasure. 

“I’m not going to school tomorrow,” she said. “I  spend Friday in my class crying real tears my scores are so low, my 10th graders right read on average at a fourth-grade level.”

Many educators like this JPS teacher, took to the witness stand to advocate for a better testing model for the state.

Currently, Mississippi requires students to take and pass English II, Algebra, Biology, and History. It is something Rep.Tom Miles (D) Oxford says is unnecessary. 

“People want to for us to come up with a plan to do away with excessive testing and focus more on the student,” Miles said. “No one has ever been able to get a scholarship off of what they made on the state test but they get scholarships on the ACT.”

Tyler Hansford the superintendent of Union Public School district say they’re not running away from accountability

“I just want it to be a relevant thing for students and families and we find that relevance is things that can lead to a better future for them and whether it’s an SAT or ACT something that opens an opportunity for those students to do well,” he said. 


Miles says some solutions include testing in the federally required subjects only but not using them as graduation requirements and to use the ACT as a benchmark. 

A similar measure failed in the Senate after passing the House last session

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